Sunday, February 24, 2013

Enjoy Breakfast for More Than Just Breakfast


I love breakfast foods so much I could literally eat it for every meal of the day!   Now my husband, normally he could go for weeks without having anything for breakfast (including breakfast for lunch or dinner).  Then, he actually came across this book online, and his mindset totally changed!  You can tell just by the cover that this book offers much more than the typical scrambled eggs with toast and jam.  

Italian Stuffed French Toast
Italian-Style Stuffed French Toast (picture c/o Eat. Drink. Smile.)
These recipes will appeal not only to women but more importantly to men!  So for all you ladies out there like moi that want to cook Breakfast for Dinner, I think there is finally a solution to our problems!

Bacon Old Fashioneds
Bacon Old Fashioneds (picture c/o Eat. Drink. Smile.)
I think at this point it is a must to buy this book!  Once we start experimenting with the recipes, I will let everyone know the verdict!  Have a blessed Sunday!

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